Good afternoon… guten tag… konnichiwa!

It’s time again for our next weekly newsletter and we want to start by sending out a warm welcome to all our friends around the world.

According to our webmaster, we’ve had over 3500 views since we spruced things up a bit and moved our website to WordPress. We hope you like the new look. Robert tells us that while the vast majority of our visitors are here in Old Blighty, the next largest batch of visitors have come to us from Germany, closely followed by Japan. Good thing Royal Mail can deliver for us worldwide!

Now I know last week we had a special bumper baby edition of our newsletter, but we couldn’t resist sharing this little baby gift set which is made from fine merino and cashmere wool. This will of course be gift boxed and sent wherever you want.

And don’t forget we have a whole gallery of babywear items which you can browse for ideas under the ‘Inspiration For You’ section of our website.

The best way to stay up to the minute with our news is to like us on Facebook or follow our tweets on Twitter. Of course you can drop us a line anytime to say hello.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and see you next week!



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