My inspiration

For this newsletter update I thought I would take a ‘leaf’ from nature and all things natural. After a recent visit to the grounds at Castle Howard where the flowers and fauna were in full bloom and absolutely spectacular, I could not resist sharing this.

Here are some of the flowers and plants that I photographed (and yes it was a particularly lovely sunny day). Whilst going through the wool cupboard back home I noticed that I already have a good supply of yarns in these beautiful colours.

Just look around out there and get inspired, you never know, a particular colour combination that you are unsure about may turn out to be perfectly natural.

Hopefully through the summer I am going to make these into something scrummy.

I shall keep you posted and between you and me, the red is my favourite and most dynamic, why wait for Christmas to wear red?

That’s all the news today for this edition of the Parlour Post. The best way to stay informed is to like our page on Facebook or follow our tweets on Twitter.

Enjoy the sunshine while you can and I shall be in touch soon.

Frances x


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