Wonderful World of Wool

Dear Friends

July has been a busy month, but at last I am able to share my experiences with you following the Cockermouth Woolfest.  What a brilliant day out.  As you can see it was extremely popular, even though this was the second of the two-day event.

Being the city girl I am on my first visit to the woolfest, strappy sandals was just not the recommended footwear – wellington boots would have been more appropriate!

To my surprise it wasn’t just stalls and people selling their wares, but real live animals! The wool was so ‘fresh’ it was  still roaming about on all four legs.

Just look at this beauty, you must agree this looks like a ready made cardi!

There were alpacas and many different types of sheep but rather than take pictures of each of the different breeds, I took pictures of the cute ones;  I know, I let my heart rule my head.

There was even a beauty pageant for the prettiest goat and to be perfectly honestly I saw quite a few pretty ladies.

Amongst the varied stalls there were demonstrations showing felting, which is something I have never tried but very interested in. Lace making too, which is just so beautiful to watch. There was weaving and spinning and they even had the children taking part.

It was all so inspiring and such talent you could have watched them for hours.

The stalls were magnificent and some we knew such as Laughing Hens and Susan Crawford Vintage knits. They had ready-made knitwear, lots and lots of yarns and books galore. I could have spent a fortune because everywhere you turned there was something you felt you had to have, I needed all of it! AND they even played music to entertain you.

Take a look at these novelty items – just brilliant…..

All in all a fantastic day out, thank you so much to the organisers! It’s on again next year at Mitchell’s Lakeland Livestock Centre in Cockermouth, so mark your calendars now for Friday and Saturday 27 & 28 June 2014 and go visit. There is honestly something for everyone.

That’s all the news today for this edition of the Parlour Post. The best way to stay informed is to like our page on Facebook or follow our tweets on Twitter.

See you next time,

Frances x


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