Autumn is on the way

Dear Friends

It looks like autumn will not be knocking on the door, but bulldozing it down soon! The local forecast says wet, windy and wintry weather is on the way but I cannot help it, autumn is my favourite time of year. I can’t wait for all those lovely jumpers and jackets, nice scarves and gloves (because they look nice, rather than because it’s freezing your fingers off).

Do you remember in the summer I went to the Woolfest in Cockermouth? I bought some lovely yarn called Cookey Cream (you have to love that) from The Marble Collection. It is made up of 75% Bluefaced Leicester wool and 25% British Alpaca which means 100% of luxury. The yarn is very soft and has a silky feel; it knits up as a DK weight. I have to say it was beautiful to knit with and I think you will agree the results are lovely.

I wanted to show that you don’t have to knit with baby blue or pink for small children. This boy’s jumper in the Cookey Cream with kangaroo pockets edged in blue and blue added to the collar is chunky and warm. The hat just finishes it off with the blue pompom. Made for approximately 9 – 12 months.

On a different note, it has been brought to my attention that we are neglecting the gentlemen out there. A great big sorry for that. To try and make it up to you I have made a cable knit cardigan which is perfect for this type of weather. You would not need a coat over this, it is chunky, soft and very very warm. The yarn I chose was Rowan Creative Focus Worsted in grey and it knitted up like a dream.

This particular jumper is for a 36 – 38 inch chest but I would strongly recommend that if you chose something like this, you go up a size. The pattern knitted up a little smaller and at the end of the day it is meant to go over a shirt or t-shirt. It’s worth thinking about when deciding.


Finally, sorry to mention the ‘C’ word but this is the time of year when I have to think about Christmas and the craft fair. I love it and every year it makes me smile. So if you can, get knitting those hats, gloves and scarves now so that you don’t get caught out in the cold!

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Until next time, lots of love,



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