Deep in the heart of Texas

It’s a few days until Thanksgiving, that time of year when our American friends traditionally get together to celebrate a successful harvest before winter sets in. Did you know our webmaster is a born and bred American farm boy? A few weeks ago Robert returned to the USA and visited the Texas State Fair in Dallas. Here’s his special report from deep in the heart of Texas:

This was my first visit to Dallas and it’s true what they say, everything is bigger in Texas. I could easily have spent a couple of days wandering around the Texas State Fair. There are several shopping marquees, an auto show, regular cooking demonstrations, huge butter sculptures, pig races and of course fairground rides.

Everything is overlooked by the fair’s giant cowboy mascot, Big Tex.

Of course all this excitement is going to make visitors hungry. Although there’s all the traditional American treats like corn dogs, chewy pretzels, funnel cakes and snow cones, Texas is famous for its deep-fried dishes. Each year fair goers willingly risk clogged arteries to taste the latest creations, whether it’s deep-fried Thanksgiving dinner, deep-fried cinnamon rolls or deep-fried peaches (there’s even been deep-fried butter). You can also buy a T-shirt with the slogan ‘I got fried at the Texas State Fair.’

The fair is where farm kids and homemakers from all across the state compete for prize-winning purple ribbons. An entire pavilion is filled with their creative crafts and cooking, including an entire wall of jams and preserves.

There are many display cabinets and I knew that our Parlour Boutique followers would love to see some of the knitting and needlework. Some of it was a bit wacky, like this cigarette-smoking granny, faux fox wrap and yellow school bus scarf.

They also had all sorts of hats, jumpers, scarves and socks for keeping warm (even though the four seasons in Texas are almost summer, summer, still summer and Christmas). 

Who knows, maybe this will give you some ideas for your next knitting project. If you’ve seen anything unique when you’ve been out and about, why not send us a message on Facebook or tweet to us on Twitter?

That’s all the news for this special international edition of the Parlour Post. Click back again soon!



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