Shake off those January blues

Dear Friends

Is there anyone else out there who thinks January is becoming a very, very long month? I know we always seem to feel like this with the let down after Christmas and the new year needs a bit of a kick start, but honestly, it’s only the 16th….?!

As I seem to have all this time I thought I would look over 2013 at some of the really great movies. For me it’s the period dramas and it’s all about the clothes. What about Anna Karenina and the Great Gatsby, just to name two.

Gatsby and the Roaring 20s with lots and lots of style: those were my thoughts when I made some of the hats earlier in the year like these:

Anna Karenina was set in Edwardian times and for me the lovely fine leather gloves with the fur trim were just beautiful. My interpretation of these was to make a pair of pink mittens.

They are thicker to give them warmth, but the grey satin buttons and the fluffy wool round the cuffs add a little luxury. The cord to put through the sleeves of your coat is just hilarious!

What have been your favourite movies recently and did you find any fashion inspiration from them?

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Until next time, lots of love and a Happy New Year to you all.

Frances x


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