A spring in our step…

Dear Friends, I hope you had a lovely Easter with family and friends as I have had. Oh, and not to mention the chocolates!

The kiddies have been off school and we took Nathan to the natural history museum in Manchester. We have been a number of times but we have to make regular visits to see Stanley (if you know the Manchester Museum, Stanley is of course the T-Rex skeleton hanging from the ceiling).

As we progressed through the foyer and steered Nathan away from the gift shop (everyone knows that’s where you go on the way out, not on the way in) there was a huge display of coral to draw attention to endangered coral and the Great Barrier Reef, only this was a display with a difference: the coral, fishing nets and even the jellyfish were all knitted!

Just take a look at this absolutely amazing artwork. The colours were vibrant and the variety extensive. This must have taken ages to do and so much skill to create the finished effect.  A ‘very well done’ from me to textile artist Karen Casper.

I have been a little quiet since the New Year because I have been snowed under with knitting! I am just about done now, having three pieces to finish before taking a well-earned break.  My goodness the projects have been varied, from fluffy mitts to a pirate jumper. Keep an eye on Facebook as some of the pieces will be featured there before going on to the website.

Robert and I have also added some new photos to the ‘inspiration for you’ photo albums here on the website, definitely worth a look if you’ve not checked them for awhile. Do get in touch if you want to add something to our website or Facebook.

See you soon,
Love Frances x


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