Our February newsletter

Hi everyone, have you had snow? We have in Lancashire (especially just off the M66), but I know some friends in Derbyshire have had lots so without being a misery I hope we are done now. I want to look forward to Spring. Whilst we are on the subject of seasons, would you believe in a couple days it will be London Fashion Week for Autumn/Winter 2015? Talk about wishing your life away. So for now lets enjoy looking forward to Spring and take it one season at a time.

This particular cardigan was made over Christmas and must be my most “international” piece ever. My friend lives in South Africa, the wool was bought in the USA and the cardigan was made in Bury. What can I say but truly cosmopolitan. Hope you like it and I have to say, I think men look good in cardigans. The wool has a tweed texture and kitted up really well. It is very plain but this shows off the fibres in the yarn and sets off the wooden buttons. I think you will agree it looks very smart, all ready for Autumn in South Africa (talk about getting ahead of ourselves!).

Don’t forget if you have a knitting project on the go and you would like to share this, then send me a picture as I would love to hear from you.

Lots of love
Frances x


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