Little bundles of joy

Dear Friends

This is my first newsletter for the New Year.  I hope everyone had a good Christmas, which seems like such a long time ago now especially with all the dramas over flooding and rain.  This was followed swiftly with colds, coughs and flu symptoms in January.  Not a brilliant start to the New Year I know.  I hope February has been a little better.

This newsletter should cheer everyone up as these little ones made me smile and are a brilliant start to the New Year.  I was fortunate enough to make a little something for each of these beautiful babies!

The first of our arrivals was Sophia weighing in at 7lbs exactly.  She has strawberry blond hair (which is red hair to the rest of us) and she is absolutely stunning.  I made her a hat and bootees as all women like to accessorise and she is modelling the bootees for us in this picture.

Next came a very tiny and very early little Albert (Bertie to his mates) weighing in at 4lbs 4oz.  He is home from hospital now and doing wonderful, as you can see. He is wearing a teeny tiny cardigan that I made a while ago and which I modelled once on a teddy as I had nothing small enough at the time!  I also made him a hat and bootees and packed some goodies in a little suitcase.  Just like Paddington bear – he was going home.  He is tiny at the moment but I am sure he will catch up with the rest of them.

Number three is Edward (Ned to his pals) weighing in at a very healthy 9lbs 2oz.  He is showing off one of our hats which I hope is keeping him warm.

Lastly we have baby Mohammed Aweighing in at 6lbs 7oz.  We made this little chap a bag full of goodies which included hat, mitts, bootees and cardigan plus a blanket to finish off the outfits.

As you can see, our babies are all gorgeous and we wish them a healthy and happy start in life with their heirloom-quality knits (and potential hand-me-downs!).

That’s me done for now.  I will not leave it so long next time as I have lots of ideas to share with you.  Take care.

Lots of love

Frances x








Our February newsletter

Hi everyone, have you had snow? We have in Lancashire (especially just off the M66), but I know some friends in Derbyshire have had lots so without being a misery I hope we are done now. I want to look forward to Spring. Whilst we are on the subject of seasons, would you believe in a couple days it will be London Fashion Week for Autumn/Winter 2015? Talk about wishing your life away. So for now lets enjoy looking forward to Spring and take it one season at a time.

This particular cardigan was made over Christmas and must be my most “international” piece ever. My friend lives in South Africa, the wool was bought in the USA and the cardigan was made in Bury. What can I say but truly cosmopolitan. Hope you like it and I have to say, I think men look good in cardigans. The wool has a tweed texture and kitted up really well. It is very plain but this shows off the fibres in the yarn and sets off the wooden buttons. I think you will agree it looks very smart, all ready for Autumn in South Africa (talk about getting ahead of ourselves!).

Don’t forget if you have a knitting project on the go and you would like to share this, then send me a picture as I would love to hear from you.

Lots of love
Frances x

Who’s ready for winter?

Dear Friends

I can see that the weather has changed, it’s cold and frosty here.  Sorry, but I think this is wonderful and the way Christmas should be.  A chance to wear all the lovely gloves, scarves and hats you have been saving all year.

I have been very busy since the summer.  Some of the orders have been for Christmassy things and some just because they looked lovely.  This beautiful green cardigan in cotton was made in the Autumn but is all ready for the Spring.  It looks quite plain as the tiny rosebuds are very understated, but it was a lovely pattern and cotton is always easy to knit with.

I also made these two little slipovers for a young lady of 9.  I was asked to make the two and given a free hand as to what pattern and what colour.  This does not happen very often so I dug deep into my oddments basket and found these colours. Not enough to make anything with on their own, but look what you can do when you put them together. She loved them which always makes me smile.

Lastly, and not least the lads, this jumper for Nathan ticked all the boxes. I used up some beautiful Rowan British Sheep Breeds DK which is very warm and he asked for the yellow collar. Why not, it’s different and it made him happy. He might wear it now!

I’m finishing off a cardigan for my friend in South Africa, which of course he will not need just yet as it’s very warm there right now. I will keep you posted and pop a picture into the next newsletter, let me know what you think.

Are you all ready for Christmas?  I am nearly done, I have never been this organised in my life, there’s just the food to think about as everyone is coming to me this year. I love it.

If I don’t get the chance to produce another newsletter this side of Christmas, may I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Lots of love

Frances x

(Not so lazy) days of summer…part two

How is everyone doing? I’ve finally had my holiday so now I’ve got some more time to look back over the last few months to let you know what all we have been up to. What a busy summer we have had!

I am always admiring older patterns and was asked earlier in the year to make an Aran cardigan from a 1960s pattern.

The cable design was much more complex than any I had done before but it turned out really well, don’t you think?

Next, how about this little number for an 80s revival? I just love this and I think it would work well today.


I had to put a shirt underneath as it was a little too big for me around the arms and the neck. This was probably due to the yarn I chose. I used up this red cotton I already had in and I love it.

Lastly, and under pressure from my Nathan, I tried my hand at toys. Now I know why I do not make them. Hats off to all of you who dom but I found it a bit of a nightmare! All those fiddly bits and a hell of a lot of sewing at the end (pardon my French). Long story short, I managed to make Nathan’s dinosaur which he calls “Skinny”.

Now Nathan wants a Godzilla!

Here are some pictures from an expert toymaker which I spotted in Cockermouth over the summer. I have been collecting bears for a number of years and my husband bought me a lovely knitted one for my birthday a few years ago, so it was no wonder I fell in love with these when I saw them at the Woolfest. They are just gorgeous. I could always try my hand at one of these – you never know…..

Well, enjoy the last of the summer, and start thinking of the Autumn which is my favourite time of year.

To stay updated with our news in the meantime be sure to like us on Facebook or follow our tweets on Twitter. You are welcome to drop us a line anytime, please say hello!

Lots of love

Frances x

(Not so lazy) days of summer…part one

Dear Friends

I cannot believe it is the start of September already and some of us have not even been on holiday yet. Don’t worry, I’m going next week 🙂

It’s been a busy summer and I thought I would recap on some of the events and experiences over the last few months. So much has been happening we can’t fit it all into one newsletter, so here’s the first instalment.

There was the wonderful 2014 Woolfest in Cockermouth, Cumbria at the beginning of the summer. I went last year and it was just as good this time and, if possible, there was even more to see this year. This is a definite “must go to” event for all you wool lovers out there. I do believe there was something similar going on in Harrogate. I hope some of you got over there but I couldn’t make it (decorating, worst luck).

I have also attached some great picture of the spinners. This is an absolutely magical craft and I am so glad there are some lovely people out there keeping this alive. It’s like lace making, its such an art and a dream to watch. I keep promising myself I will have a go next time I go to a fair. We shall see. And speaking of old traditions, there was more entertainment to enjoy from troupes of folk musicians and dancers.

Last but not least, it would not be a woolfest without pictures of some local celebrities whose hard work growing all that wool made all of this possible!


You’ll be able to see what else we’ve been up to this summer in our next instalment which is coming very soon!

Until then, lots of love.

Frances x

A spring in our step…

Dear Friends, I hope you had a lovely Easter with family and friends as I have had. Oh, and not to mention the chocolates!

The kiddies have been off school and we took Nathan to the natural history museum in Manchester. We have been a number of times but we have to make regular visits to see Stanley (if you know the Manchester Museum, Stanley is of course the T-Rex skeleton hanging from the ceiling).

As we progressed through the foyer and steered Nathan away from the gift shop (everyone knows that’s where you go on the way out, not on the way in) there was a huge display of coral to draw attention to endangered coral and the Great Barrier Reef, only this was a display with a difference: the coral, fishing nets and even the jellyfish were all knitted!

Just take a look at this absolutely amazing artwork. The colours were vibrant and the variety extensive. This must have taken ages to do and so much skill to create the finished effect.  A ‘very well done’ from me to textile artist Karen Casper.

I have been a little quiet since the New Year because I have been snowed under with knitting! I am just about done now, having three pieces to finish before taking a well-earned break.  My goodness the projects have been varied, from fluffy mitts to a pirate jumper. Keep an eye on Facebook as some of the pieces will be featured there before going on to the website.

Robert and I have also added some new photos to the ‘inspiration for you’ photo albums here on the website, definitely worth a look if you’ve not checked them for awhile. Do get in touch if you want to add something to our website or Facebook.

See you soon,
Love Frances x